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Remember Willow TV APK, a favorite for cricket fans watching live games? Well, it seems like it’s not around anymore. People are talking about it and wondering what happened.

The absence of the official Willow TV APK has left users looking for other ways to watch cricket matches. With Willow TV APK no longer available, fans are searching for new options to catch their favorite games.

The discussions about Willow TV APK’s status are sparking conversations about the future of cricket streaming apps and how these changes affect fans. It’s got people thinking about what the next best thing for cricket streaming might be.

Overview of Willow TV APK

Although the official Willow TV APK is no longer available, cricket fans can still enjoy live streaming of international matches by using the PikaShow app as an alternative. The PikaShow app, which has a package name of com.offshore.pikachu and a size of 17.2 MB, allows users to watch cricket matches, replays, and highlights in high-definition quality. It also offers exclusive original shows like ‘Willow Weekly’ for fans to enjoy.

Even though the official Willow TV APK is no longer active, the PikaShow app ensures that cricket enthusiasts can continue to follow their favorite sport through a reliable and user-friendly platform.

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Features of Willow TV

Willow TV is perfect for cricket fans who want to watch live matches and enjoy top-notch streaming services. You can catch all the international cricket action in real-time on Willow TV. They also provide expert analysis from former players to help you understand the game better. Plus, you can watch replays and highlights in high definition to relive the best moments. Exclusive shows like ‘Willow Weekly’ add a special touch to the content.

With Willow TV, you can choose subscription plans for unlimited live streams, ensuring you never miss a game. It’s designed to give you a comprehensive and enjoyable cricket viewing experience.

Pros of Willow TV APK

Willow TV APK is a great choice for cricket fans on Android devices. It offers high-quality streaming and interactive features for an immersive viewing experience. With crystal-clear HD live matches, users can feel like they are right in the action.

The app also provides on-demand videos and highlights, so fans can catch up on games they missed or relive exciting moments.

One of the convenient features of Willow TV APK is the ability to set reminders for upcoming fixtures. This ensures that users never miss a game they’re looking forward to. Additionally, the app covers major tournaments comprehensively, keeping fans updated on all the action.

The split-screen mode allows users to watch multiple matches simultaneously, adding to the excitement of the viewing experience. With its range of features and quality streaming, Willow TV APK is a top choice for cricket enthusiasts.

Cons of Willow TV APK

Now, let’s talk about the downsides of using Willow TV APK.

One major drawback is its high subscription fee, which may not be affordable for everyone.

Additionally, some users may find that the streaming options for sports other than cricket are limited on this platform.

Another annoying aspect is the presence of intrusive advertisements that pop up during streaming, interrupting the viewing experience.

Lastly, users have reported a slow response time from customer service when they encounter issues or need assistance.

Downloading Willow TV APK

To get the Willow TV APK, you can visit the official website or look for other places to download it.

Since the official Willow TV APK may not be available, you can try using the PikaShow app as an alternative. The PikaShow app offers similar features for watching international cricket games and special content.

Make sure to download the right package called com.offshore.pikachu, which is 17.2 MB in size and made for Android devices.


In short, the Willow TV APK gave cricket fans a top-notch live streaming experience, expert analysis, and exclusive shows. Unfortunately, the official app is no longer accessible. However, users can check out the PikaShow app as a potential alternative.

This app, with the package name com.offshore.pikachu and a size of 17.2 MB, offers a platform for cricket lovers to watch live matches and on-demand videos on their Android devices.

If you enjoyed the features and content of the Willow TV APK, the PikaShow app could be a suitable replacement for your cricket streaming needs. It provides a similar experience and allows you to stay updated on live matches and access exclusive cricket-related content.

So, give it a try and see if it meets your expectations as a cricket enthusiast.

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